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Organisation : The Gibraltar Parliament
Facility : Search Register of Electors 2015
Territory : Gibraltar

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Section 5 of The Parliament Act sets out the procedures for the preparation and publication of the Register of Electors.

Poll to be take by ballot :
** The votes at the poll shall be given by ballot.
** Each elector shall record his vote only in the polling station for the polling place to which he is allotted in the register of electors, with the exception of postal voters and absentee voters.

The ballot papers :
The ballot of every voter shall consist of a ballot paper and the persons remaining validly nominated after any withdrawals under these rules, and no others, shall be entitled to have their names inserted in the ballot paper.
Every ballot paper in an election shall be as in Form D in the Schedule and shall be printed in accordance with the directions therein and–
(a) shall contain the names and other particulars of the candidates as shown in the statement of persons nominated;
(b) shall be capable of being folded up;
(c) shall have a number printed on the back; and
(d) shall have attached a counterfoil with the same number printed on the face.

The order of the names in the ballot paper shall be the same as in the statement of persons nominated.

The official mark. :
** Every ballot paper shall be marked with an official mark, which shall be either embossed or perforated.
** The official mark on a postal ballot paper shall be a different mark from that embossed or perforated on the ballot papers issued to other voters.
** The official marks shall be kept secret.

Provision of polling stations :
** The returning officer shall provide a polling station for each polling place indicated in the register of electors. One or more polling stations may be provided in the same room.
** The returning officer shall provide each polling station with such number of compartments as may be necessary in which the voters can mark their votes screened from observation.

Admission to polling stations :
The presiding officer shall regulate the number of voters to be admitted to the polling station at the same time and shall exclude all other persons except :
(a) the candidates and their election agents;
(b) the polling agents appointed to attend at the polling station;
(c) the clerks appointed to attend at the polling station ;
(d) the police officers on duty; and
(e) the companions of blind voters.

Keeping of order in station :
** It shall be the duty of the presiding officer to keep order at his polling station.

** If a person misconducts himself in a polling station or fails to obey the lawful orders of the presiding officer, he may immediately, by order of the presiding officer, be removed from the polling station by a police officer in or near the station or by any other person authorized in writing by the returning officer to remove him, and the person so removed shall not, without the permission of the presiding officer, enter again the polling station during the day.

** Any person so removed may, if charged with the commission in the polling station of an offence, be dealt with as a person taken into custody by a police officer for an offence without a warrant.
** The powers conferred by this rule shall not be exercised so as to prevent a voter who is otherwise entitled to vote at a polling station from having an opportunity of voting at that station.

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