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All posts from Milli Majlis Election 1st November 2015 : Central Election Commission Republic of Azerbaijan

Organisation : Central Election Comission of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Facility : Milli Majlis Election
Territory : Azerbaijan

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Conduct of voting:
a) Starting the preparational works for the voting in the polling station on that day;
b) Declaring the polling stations open and locking ballot boxes;
c) Announcement of starting the voting;
d) Announcement of ending the entrance of voters into the polling station

Executors :
Precinct Election Commissions
a) Precinct Election Commission
b, c, d) – chairmen of the Precinct Election Commissions

Date : November 1, 2015
a) As usual, at 7.30 a.m.;
b) at 7.50 a.m.
c) at 8.00 a.m.;
d) 7.00 p.m.

REGULATION of Precinct Election Commission :
Rules for conducting sessions of Precinct Election Commission shall be determined by Articles 19, 39 of the Election Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereafter referred to as – Election Code) and this Procedure.
1. General provisions :
** Precinct Election Commission puts the issues defined by the Election Code into the session, discusses and makes decisions on the task within their competence.
** Sessions of the Precinct Election Commission shall be conducted in the state language of the Republic of Azerbaijan, session minutes and decisions shall be compiled in this language.

General requirements for the sessions of Precinct Election Commission :
** Calling and organization of the sessions of Precinct Election Commission
** Sessions of the Precinct Election Commission shall be called by initiative of the PEC chairman or upon the request of at least 1/3 members of the commission members with decisive rights (hereafter referred to as – commission members).
** Such a request shall be made on the written application addressed to the PEC chairman.
** The commission members shall be informed on the session of the PEC and the issues to be considered at the session by the commission chairman 5 days prior to the session or at least 3 days prior to the conduct of session.
** Information on the date of the PEC session, the list of the issues considered at the session, relevant draft decisions related to them and other documents shall be delivered to the commission members in written form or by electron communicational means within 24 hours if less than 5 days remain up to the voting, but immediately and individually on the voting day.
** The PEC session shall be considered valid when 2/3 of the commission members formed in competent structure take part.
** PEC members with decisive rights must participate at all the sessions of the PEC excluding cases of illness and other valid excuses.
** At the PEC session, substitute members of the commission, members and secretariat officials, secretariat officials of PEC, invited representatives of mass media and other persons may take part.

Determination of the session agenda of the Precinct Election Commission and organization of reports and discussions :
** The session agenda shall be determined by the PEC chairman and approved by the commission.
** The agenda may include issues with the request of 1/3 commission members.
** Any election-related issue shall be included in the session agenda basing on the written application addressed to the commission chairman with the request of 1/3 PEC members.
** As a rule, commission secretaries shall report on the issues considered at the PEC sessions.
** The PEC chairman may appoint a reporter from the commission members.
** At the PEC session, 5 minutes shall be provided for reporting, 3 minutes for additional reporting, 5 minutes for discussion on issues, 5 minutes for the discussion of different draft documents and 2 minutes for references, appeals and explanations.
** The PEC chairman may prolong the above-stated period for the discussion of the issues to the point with the request of the commission members.
** A reporter shall collect necessary documents and materials, takes all necessary measures for thorough, fully and fair consideration of the issue and shall prepare report on the task.

Rules for holding the session of the Precinct Election Commission :
The person who chairs the PEC session shall implement the following activities:
** to announce the session open and inform the commission members on the issues put into the agenda, to clarify whether there are any additional suggestions to the agenda or not;
** to organize the discussion of the issues included in the agenda;
** to give floor to the commission members, as well as, to other persons invited to the session one by one;
** to ensure making speech to the point by the commission members and invited persons and complying with the Procedure, 2 otherwise, to require them to abide by the relevant requirements (if necessary, may stop the speech);
** to put the decisions into voting;
** to announce the session closed when it ends.

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