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Organisation : Office of the Electoral Commissioner Seychelles
Facility : Voter Registration
Country : Seychelles

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Voter Registration :
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Voter Registration :
The Voting Process :
Voter registration exercise is carried out on an annual basis, starting mid-January for a period of two weeks.
Registers of voters are placed at registration centres in all electoral areas, where eligible voters can inspect the register to ensure that their particulars their-in are correct.
** During the exercise period, a voter or prospective voter may;
** Apply to be registered if name does not appear on the Register.
** Apply to have a name change
** Apply for a transfer of Electoral Area
** Apply for the rectification of any obsolete entries on the Register

Qualifications required for a person to register as a voter are as follows :
A Person who:
(a) Is a citizen of Seychelles,
(b) Is 18 years and over,
(c) Resides in an electoral area,
(d) Is not registered as voter in another electoral area,
(e) Is not disqualified from registering as a voter at any election under any written law,
(f) Is not serving a sentence of imprisonment of or exceeding 6 months imposed by a Court in Seychelles,
(g) Is not under any written law adjudged (decided officially by law) or otherwise declared to be of unsound mind or detained as a criminal lunatic or at the pleasure of the President; Is entitled to be registered as a voter in the electoral area where he resides.

** All Seychellois nationals who are 18 years old and over and who are in possession of a National Identity Card have their names on the register of voters.

** The Register of Voters shall contain the names of persons who, otherwise qualified to be registered as voters, would attain the age of eighteen years on any day within the fifteen months next following the first January of the year for which the register is prepared or revised together with the date on which the person would attain the age of 18 years specified against the name of each such person.

** Until the date specified against a name of a person referred to above, that person shall not by virtue of entry of the name in the register be treated as a voter for any purposes other than the purpose of an election or referendum of which the date fixed for the election or referendum is the date or a later date.

Requirement for Registration :
(a) National Identity Card.
(b) Marriage Certificate; where a change of name should be effected.
(c) Divorce Certificate; where a change of name should be effected.
(d) Naturalization Certificate; where a person who has become a Seychelles citizen applies to be register as a voter.
(e) Birth Certificate; where there is a discrepancy in the spelling of the voter’s name.

Validity of the Register :
The Register once certified is valid for a period of fifteen months.

About the Office :
Electoral Commissioner The Electoral Commissioner’s Office is established by the Constitution (Constitution 1993, Article 115).

Appointment :
The Electoral Commissioner is appointed by the President of the Republic from candidates proposed by the Constitutional Appointments Authority (Constitution 1993, Article 115). The Constitutional Appointments Authority is comprised of one person nominated by the President, one by the Leader of the Opposition and a Chairperson co-opted by the other two members (Constitution 1993, Article 140).

Term of Office :
The Electoral Commissioner is appointed for a term of not more than 7 years, but is eligible for reappointment for further terms (Constitution 1993, Article 115(1), (6)).

Functions :
The Electoral Commissioner is broadly responsible for (Constitution 1993, Article 116, 118; Political Parties Act, 1991, 2(3), 29):
** The conduct and supervision of voter registration.
** The conduct and supervision of elections and referenda.
** The delimitation of constituencies.
** The monitoring of election campaigns.
** The registration and public financing of political parties.

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