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Organisation : Central Election Commission Kazakhstan
Facility : Voter Registration
Country : Kazakhstan

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Voter Registration :
** A voter’s domicile registration on the territory of a specific polling station is the basis for his/her inclusion into a voter register.
** Justice bodies are authorized to carry out registration of the domicile of kazakhstani citizens.

Domicile registration of citizens is based on the documents:
** Proving that he/she bought a house/an apartment in accordance with established procedures or proving that he/she is entitled to live in a house/an apartment on the basis of a lease or a sublease;
** Entitling him/her to occupy a house/an apartment on other grounds as stipulated by laws of the republic of kazakhstan as well as based on a written consent of the owner/tenant.

Citizens are registered at the place of their permanent residence in :
** Apartment houses, apartments, dormitories, hotels;
** Rest homes, sanatoriums, prevention clinics, medical institutions;
** Residential buildings, dacha and horticultural associations and co-operatives;
** Boarding houses, office buildings suited for residential purposes.

Responsibility of citizens :
Absence of a valid identity card or lack of domicile registration or temporary residence over three months entail a warning or a penalty of up to one monthly calculation index

Voter registers :
** Inclusion of voters into voter registers is a prerequisite for their participation in elections.
** Voter registers are compiled by a corresponding akimat.
** After the election date is set, each voter has a right to be registered as such in a respective akimat.

Not later than 30 days prior to the elections :
** Should you find out that you will not be able to attend the polling premises at the place of your registration on the election day, you may file with the akimat a written request to be included into a voter register at your place of stay on the election day.
** Not later than 20 days prior to the elections the corresponding akimat will furnish voter lists to district election commissions under a handover certificate.
** Not later than 15 days prior to the elections voter lists are made available to voters at the polling stations for examination.
** You have a right to check your data in voters lists and contest non-inclusion, incorrect inclusion into or removal from the list, and inaccurate personal information in the list.
** Requests to make adjustments in voter lists are reviewed by the district election commission on the day when such request is received.

During the period between the moment when voters lists are made available for public examination and the day of the elections :
** Should you change your place of stay, please apply to the district election commission at the place of your registration. Upon producing your passport or identity card you will receive an absentee vote ballot ) and a corresponding record will be made in the voters list.
** No absentee vote ballots will be issued to voters willing to vote in another election district or another polling station within the territory of the same population center.
** No absentee vote ballots will be issued after 6.00 p.M. Local time on the day preceding the election day.
** On the day of voting, please produce your absentee vote ballot and the district election commission will put your name on the voters list at the polling station at your place of stay.

The election day :
** On the election day, voting will commence on 7.00 a.M. And will end on 8.00 p.M. Local time at voting premises of the polling station.
** Each voter votes in person. No assignment of the right to vote or voting for other persons is allowed.
** Voters will receive ballot papers on the basis of voters lists upon showing an appropriate identity document. You acknowledge receiving a ballot-paper by signing your name in the voters list.
** Ballots are to be filled by a voter in the polling booth for secret voting. No person, other than the voter, is allowed to be present during the completion of a ballot.
** If you are unable to fill in a ballot by yourself, you may choose to be assisted by a person you trust.
** After voting, the last name of such person will be written down next to your signature.

The such persons , however, may not be :
** A member of an election commission;
** An official of a local representative or executive body;
** A proxy of the candidate or political party;
** A journalist representing mass media;
** An observer registered in the corresponding election commission.

** In your ballot paper for electing mazhilis deputies, please mark the empty box next to the name of the political party you are voting for.
** In your ballot paper for electing maslikhat deputies please mark the empty box next to the last name of the candidate you are voting for.
** Pencils may not be used to mark ballots. No corrections may be made to ballots.
** Please put your completed ballot into the ballot-box.

Election day: not later than 12 o’clock local time
If you cannot attend the elections :
** Due to ill health;
** Due to taking care of a sick family member;

If you are located in remote and difficult-to-reach places where no polling stations are set up;you may file a written request with the district election commission to arrange voting at the place of your stay.
The district election commission must arrange for your voting at the place of your stay.

Advantages of the electronic voting system :
** The central election commission will determine which polling districts and stations will use both pallot-papers and electronic ballots .
** The electronic voting system has already proved efficient in many countries and had been succesfuly tested in kazakhstan.

It is advantageous in that :
** It is simple and easy to use for voters;
** The election process is transparent and objective;
** Voting results can be counted easily and promptly.

In our republic, great importance is attached to introduction of high technologies into all areas of life .
By using the electronic election system you will :
** Help promote innovation in kazkhstan;
** Ensure better performance of election committees at all levels;
** Show your trust in the electronic election system!

Where can you get information about the election? :
** To make information about the election process in our country available to everyone, the central election commission is running its web-sitewww.Election.Kz
** You can ask territorial, district or area election committees any questions regarding the organization and conduct of the election.
** If you believe that the election law has been breached, you can apply to a higher election commission, court or a prosecutor’s office within ten days of such breach

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