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Organisation : Elections Saskatchewan
Facility : Voter Registration
Province : Saskatchewan
Country : Canada

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Voter Registration :
** We’re getting ready now for the April 4, 2016 provincial election.
** If you’re an eligible voter, it’s important to be on the official voters list.
** Most eligible voters in Saskatchewan will receive a letter in the mail.
** If your information is correct, you’re ready to vote. You are registered. No action required.
** To update it or register, click the link above.
** For a small number of eligible voters in selected neighbourhoods, an enumerator will come to your door to ensure no one is missed.

Voter Revision Portal :
** Welcome to the Elections Saskatchewan Voter Revision Portal.
** Please enter the eight character address identifier found on the top left hand corner of the Voter Registration notice and a last name exactly as listed on your Voter Revision letter.
** If there are no names listed on your Voter Revision notice, do not enter anything in the Last Name box and check the No electors listed on the Voter Revision letter box.

** Enter Address Identifier
** Enter Last Name (as it appears on the Voter Registration notice)
** Click Submit Button

No electors listed on the Voter Revision letter

If you did not receive a voter registration letter and you want to register to vote, please call 1-877-958-8683.

Voter I.D. requirements :
You can vote in a Saskatchewan provincial election if :
** you are a Canadian citizen on election day
** you will be at least 18 years of age on election day
** on the day the writ is issued you have ordinarily resided in Saskatchewan for at least six months immediately preceding that day, and you were ordinarily resident in the constituency in which you seek to vote

You can also vote if :
** you are a British subject who was qualified as a voter on June 23, 1971
** you meet the residency requirements stated above.

To vote, you must prove your identity and address. You have three options:
Option 1 :
** Show one piece of identification with your photo, name and address. It must be issued by a government agency.
Example: driver’s licence.

Option 2 :
** Show two valid original documents.Both pieces must have your name and one must also have your address.
Example: health card and electric bill. See a complete list of acceptable I.D.

Option 3 :
** Swear an oath and have an eligible voter vouch for your identity and place of ordinary residence.The person vouching for you must be an eligible voter who has valid authorized identification. This person can only vouch for one person.
Examples: a neighbour or your roommate.

Special Eligibility Rules for Saskatchewan Voters :
To qualify to be registered as a voter in a provincial election in Saskatchewan, the standard eligibility rules are :
** Canadian citizen;
** Minimum 18 years of age;
** Resident in the province for a minimum of six months; and
** Ordinarily reside at the current address of residence.

However, there are certain persons who are exempted from meeting all of these criteria.
Exceptions exist for :
** Students;
** Canadian military personnel;
** British Subjects who resided in the province at a specific period of time; and
** Election candidates.

Special Rules for Students :
** Students who have moved from outside the province to study in Saskatchewan are immediately eligible to vote in provincial elections, provided they are Canadian citizens and at least 18 years of age.
** They are not required to have resided in the province for six months.

Students who have been living in Saskatchewan, but have moved to attend a school away from where they have been living, are permitted to register either at the:
** Residential address from which they moved; or at the
** Address of the location where they currently live while studying.

However, each student can only be registered at one address of residence — it is their own personal choice as to which address that should be.

Special Rules for Canadian Military Personnel :
** Any members of the regular, special or reserve force of the Canadian Forces, who leaves another province or territory to serve in Saskatchewan, immediately becomes eligible to register and vote in provincial elections, provided they are Canadian citizens and at least 18 years of age.
** They are not required to have resided in the province for six months.
** Members of the Canadian Forces who are required to leave their residence in Saskatchewan to serve outside the province are permitted to remain registered as a provincial voter at the address where they resided before moving.
** If a Canadian Forces member residing in one location in Saskatchewan is required to relocate and serve within the Forces at another location in the province, they made decide which location they wish to be registered at for the purposes of voting.
** However, each member of the Forces may only be registered as a provincial voter at one address of residence.
** In each of the three cases above, if a spouse or the dependents of a Forces member moves with that member they are legally provided the same voter registration flexibility that applies to the Forces member.

Special Rules for British Subjects :
** A non-Canadian, who is a British Subject and who was qualified as a Saskatchewan provincial voter on June 23, 1971 (that is, they were born on or before June 23, 1953 and resided in the province since or before December 23, 1970) is permitted to register as a provincial voter.
** However, they must declare their non-Canadian British Subject status at the time of registration.
** A British Subject is defined as a person who is a citizen of any other Commonwealth country.
** There are 53 member states in the Commonwealth of Nations.

Special Rules for Election Candidates :
A candidate for a provincial election, or the spouse or dependents of that candidate, can choose to be registered :
** At the address in which ordinarily live, or
** In any polling division in the constituency in which the candidate is contesting the election.

Taking the option of registering in a particular polling division within a constituency in which the candidate is running can only be exercised once the candidate’s nomination papers have been accepted by the Returning Officer. This does not happen until Nomination Day, which is a full ten days after the election period officially start

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