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Organization : Central Election Commission
Facility : Voting Within Country
Territory : Kosovo
Country : Europe

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Voting within the country :
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Voting within the country :
** Every citizen registered in central civil registry and who is 18 years old or older has the right to vote in elections.
** Central Election Commission appoints and allocated voters in polling centers based on their address and residence data.

CEC maintains Voters List and ensures that Voters List is accurate and updated and contains data such as:
a) Latest extract available of Central Civil Registry of all eligible voters that are registered as citizens of Kosovo according to Law on Citizenship;

b) All eligible voters abroad Kosovo that have applied successfully for out of Kosovo voting.

Voters List is available for access as it is regulated with CEC regulations.
According to regulations and procedures of CEC, citizens with the right to vote can challenge and confirm voters list, ask to change their polling center within the same municipality, ask special services as a voter with special needs and special circumstances etc.

The right to vote :
** Every person has the right to vote in accordance with Law on Elections if he/she is eighteen (18) years old on Election Day and is registered as Citizen of Kosovo on Central Civil Registry.
** Every person with the right to vote can vote in Kosovo on Election Day and in electoral zone where he/she is registered, provided that his/her name appears in Central Civil Registry or is registered as Kosovo citizen on a given date by CEC.

Special Need Voting :
** All citizens with the right to vote, that cannot go out of their houses to vote personally in their usual polling station on election day, have the right to ask for special need voting services.
** Central Election Commission will provide voting in your homes.
** In order to implement this right, within a certain period set by CEC, you must fill an application form which can be obtained from offices of Municipal Election Commission, or in webpage of CEC or through written request that includes your personal data and health diagnosis.

Correct data in Voters List :
** During election periods on a date set by CEC, every eligible voter that considers that someone is included in voters list unfairly, or their name does not appear on voters list, they can file a complaint in municipal court, by emphasizing clearly facts that support their complaint and by including any relevant proof.
** Verify your name, verify the names of the ones you know and make sure that everyone is included in Voters List in your municipality.

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