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Organization : Nebraska Secretary of State
Facility : Search Registration Details
State : Nebraska
Country : United States

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Search Registration Details :
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Must I designate a party affiliation? :
No, voters may choose from one of the three statewide parties currently recognized in Nebraska: Democratic, Republican and Libertarian or they may choose to not affiliate with any party by checking the non-partisan box on the application.
** If you wish to vote in the primary election, where parties choose their nominees for state and county offices, you need to declare your party affiliation.
** If you register without a political party affiliation, you will receive only the non-partisan ballots at a primary election.
** Non-partisans may designate a party preference at primary elections and receive partisan ballots for the Senate and House congressional races.
** Party designation has no bearing when voting a non-partisan ballot or in the general election.

Are there situations where I would need to re-register? :
You must re-register whenever you change :
** Your name,
** Your address, or
** Your political party affiliation.
** Failure to vote in a previous election does not require re-registration

Will I receive notice that my mail-in registration has been accepted and processed? :
** Yes, if you completed the form correctly and mailed it by the deadline (third Friday prior to the election), you will receive an acknowledgment from the election official that you are properly registered.
** If you are a first time registrant in Nebraska using the mail in application and did not provide copies of the ID requirements for first time mail in registrants, you will notified of the need to do so.
** If you have questions on your registration, call your County Clerk/Election Commissioner.

How is residence determined? :
** By law, your residence is that place at which you have established a home, where you are habitually present, and to which, when you depart, you intend to return.
** Leaving for temporary purposes, such as military service, school attendance, hospital stays, or missions work need not result in a change of residence for voting purposes.
** However, any permanent change in your residence or address will require you to re-register to vote.

Early Voting in Nebraska (Formerly Absentee Voting) :
Who may apply for an Early Voting ballot? :
Anyone may apply for an Early Voting ballot, such as:
** Persons not able to go to the polls due to their work or vacation schedule, or
** Persons not able to go to the polls due to a medical condition or hospitalization, or
** Persons temporarily out of the county, state or country
** Persons not wishing to travel to the polls
** Persons not wishing to leave their homes

Do I need to give the reason why I am voting early when applying for Early Voting ballots? :
No, since 1999 Nebraska law has not required a person disclose a reason for their request on the Early Voting application.

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