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Organization : Montana Secretary of State
Facility : Check Your Voter Registration Status
State : Montana
Country : United States

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Check Your Voter Registration Status :
** Welcome to “MVP – My Voter Page”, the Secretary of State’s public access portal for voters!
** You may use this service to find out if you are registered to vote, where you are registered to vote, the location and directions to your polling place, the status of your absentee ballot, and to view a sample ballot.
** Please note that the polling locations listed, and the absentee ballot and sample ballot services are for state and federal primary and general elections, and may not apply to other elections.
** If you have changed your name or address information, and have not updated the information with the county election office, please contact the county election office and fill out a voter registration form with the new information before using this service to find your polling place.

Search :
Please enter your information in the required fields below. If a unique match cannot be found, you may need to select your county and/or house number to find your polling place information. Please note, if your name has spaces or special characters, you may need to try entering it with or without the spaces or special characters.
** Enter First Name (required)
** Enter Last Name (required)
** Enter Date of Birth (required)
Example: mm/dd/yyyy
** Click Continue Button

How can I find out if I am on the Inactive List? :
1. Check your voter registration status at My Voter Page

Why was I placed on the Inactive List? :
1. If you are on the Inactive Voter Registration List it is because a. you did not vote in a federal general election and you did not respond to two confirmation mailings sent to you by the county election office, or
b. you had a mail ballot returned to the county election office as undeliverable and you did not respond to a confirmation mailing sent to you by the county election office.

Reactivating your Registration is Easy! :
1. You may reactivate your voter registration by
a. notifying your county election office via telephone or in writing that your voter registration information is current or
b. appearing at the polling place* where you are currently registered and confirming your current voter registration information (or appearing at your current polling place and updating your voter registration information by filling out a voter registration form) or

i. note: if you appear at the polling place and update your registration information to another precinct, you may still vote one last time at your old precinct/polling place
ii. *If the election is being conducted only by mail – Voters on the Inactive list are not automatically mailed ballots (most local elections, including city elections are conducted by mail)

1. in elections conducted only by mail, there will not be polling places so you must update your information by telephone or by mail or in person if your information has not changed, or by mail or in person if your information needs to be updated, in order to be mailed a ballot

c. requesting an absentee ballot for any election or
d. providing a new or updated voter registration form to the county election office.

2. When reactivating your registration information by mail, you must leave enough time for the mailed form to reach the election office, and for a ballot to reach you. If it is within 3-4 days of election day, you should consider appearing in person at the election office to receive your ballot.

Have questions or need forms? Contact :
Montana Secretary of State, Elections and Government Services Division at or your County Election Office

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  1. My date of birth is 10-02-1941. I am checking to make sure that you received my absentee ballot.

  2. I am Mariam Lim Guat Siew from Singapore.
    I am currently having problem in receiving my order of x6 dining chairs made in late May. Today have hear from you inspite of having written to you twice and called your number several times to no avail.

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