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Organization : Commission on Elections (
Facility : How can I replace my lost or torn voter ID
Country : Philippines

Replacement Form :
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From the   Official Twitter of COMELEC Philippines:

You may call  at 525-9296 to check for your precinct number

How can I replace my lost or torn voter ID :

How can I replace my lost or torn voter ID? How much should I pay for the replacement? :
A registered voter may personally request with the local COMELEC office for the reprinting of a lost, torn or defaced voter ID.

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Commission on Elections Philippines Voter Registration :

The processing fee is currently placed at PhP100.00. The concerned voter is required to submit an affidavit of loss with his request for replacement.

I need a voter ID for my passport, but I don’t have a voter ID, what alternative document can I use? :
In lieu of the voter ID a person may submit a voter certification which can be obtained from the local COMELEC office or the National Central File Division at the main office in Intramuros, Manila. The processing fee is PhP75.00.

Can I have my photo/signature in my voter ID updated? :
The COMELEC only allows updating of photos /signature with applications for correction of entries due to change of civil status and legal change of name, and transfer of registration to another city/municipality.

Can I submit a photo to be used on my voter ID? :
No. Applicants for registration are required to submit themselves for live capture of biometrics data using the Voter Registration Machine (VRM). The photograph from this live capture will be the one to be printed on the ID.

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Will a Voter ID be released even when a voter’s registration has already been cancelled or deleted? :
The IDs of voters whose registration records are already deleted due to multiple registrations, pursuant to Resolution No. 8882, or transfer of registration records due to change of residence to another district/city/municipality, or cancelled by reason of death shall no longer be released

Will a voter ID be released even when a voter’s registration is already deactivated? :
ID cards shall only be issued to voters with active registration status. The ID card of a voter with deactivated status will not be released until such time that he applies for the reactivation of his registration record and the ERB approves his application.

Will a voter ID be released even when there is a pending application for correction of entry? :
The ID cards of voters with pending applications for correction of entries in the registration record due to transfer of residence within the same district/city/municipality, or change of name and civil status by reason of marriage or other applicable court orders, shall no longer be issued. The concerned voters shall be issued new voter ID cards with the updated information.

Can I authorize someone to claim my voter ID? :
Yes, as long as the voter issues a notarized authorization letter to the person who will claim his ID on his behalf.

Is there a payment for claiming the voter ID? :
The voter ID is free-of-charge and is already laminated upon release. No fee should be charged by the local COMELEC office to the voter. Only ID reprints due to loss or damage are charged a minimal fee of PhP 100.00, which should be issued with an official receipt upon payment.

Why is it that, according to the Precinct Finder, my ID has already been printed but my local COMELEC office says that my ID is not yet available?

The precinct finder only indicates the date of ID printing at the COMELEC main office. It is possible that the printed IDs are still lined up for dispatch, especially if the date indicated is recent. This is the reason why we strongly recommend to call the local COMELEC office before going.

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    1. Yes, as long as the voter issues a notarized authorization letter to the person who will claim his ID on his behalf.

  1. what is the meaning of IMU certificate. I lost my voter’s ID. Now i need IMU certificate to get another voters ID. Please help me.

  2. How can I get a replacement of my lost voters id? How much do I pay? and how long to wait to get my my new voters id if I submit already the requirements? I need to get this asap for my passport application.


  4. I lost my voters id 3 years ago. My friend suggest to ask for a replacement but needs to submit affidavit of loss. How long will it take for me to get the replacement? How much do I have to pay? Aside from affidavit of loss, is there anything that I need to submit?

  5. How long will it take? I mean how many days, months or years I should wait to get the replacement of my lost Voters ID?

    1. A registered voter may personally request with the local COMELEC office for the reprinting of a lost, torn or defaced voter ID.

  6. My mother has a problem in her birth of date. In birth certificate it is different from comelec registration office.

  7. I was originally registered to a precinct in the province. But during the first implementation of biometrics capturing, I applied for transfer to another precinct in another city and for re-validation. I have checked from the website that my id was already printed last 2004 but I haven’t received it yet. I’ve been checking at the office of COMELEC but still my id is not yet available.

  8. I would like to ask if I could process the replacement of my lost VOTER’S ID anywhere in the Philippines or just in my Birthplace. I am looking forward for your answer as soon as possible. Thanks!

    1. You can change your signature through visiting your local Comelec office and often in the city hall. Then tell them that you have a problem regarding with your signature then they will give you a form, just fill the form. After you filled the form, they will give you a piece of form to be kept by you. Then you need to wait from 6 months to 1 year.

  9. I have a voter ID but I have just found out that I have different birth date which is exactly different from what’s written on my Voter’s ID. Can I replace it?

  10. I laminate voters ID, but suddenly I didn’t notice immediately it was burn almost totally.
    Can I ask new one in COMELEC in or Municipality? And how long, I mean how many days I would wait to receive the new voters ID? How much would it cost?

  11. This concern is for my father a very long time. He is a devotee but he don’t have his voters id and now I want him to get a passport but the problem is he don’t have any valid id. So we went to COMELEC in our municipality. They found out in their system that my father’s id has claimed already but no one in my family received. My question is,Can we request again a voters id for my father? What should we do so?

  12. I lost my voters id and I need a new one. How long it would take to get a new voters i.d?
    I need it for passport application next month.
    This year election I wasn’t able to vote because my status is deactivated.
    Can I still get a replacement of my voters id?

  13. I’m really need my voters I’d because I can’t go to dfa without any valid I’d. I have only one valid which is the voters I’d but I lost it. I got new one but its take to long. I really need this month. Please help me. Please do my favor. Please release my voters I’d.

  14. I just want to ask how to claim my voters ID here in HK?I try to claim for 5times already,and they always have their reason. The people incharge is on meeting,nobody’s there,over there,just came back and the worst is,you still can vote without your voters ID. My question is why they spent money to that id if not important and not giving it to the voters? Our free time as an ofw is always limited. Can you please do your job properly and put one person who’s present anytime.?

  15. I just wanna ask if it is OK to change my signature because its different from my SSS card signature. I’m going to use those two ID cards for my passport, and don’t want to have any conflict regarding with my signature.

  16. Is it possible to claim my voters id even though I lost my stab or my receipt of payment? Is there any other way to claim my voters id?

    1. From the Website :

      Please be informed that the concerned Election Officer will notify the voter on the status of the replaced voter id.

  17. If a registered voter may personally request with the local COMELEC office for the reprinting of a lost or torn voter ID, will the registered voter get the requested ID the same day she/he pay the processing fee?

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