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How to get Voter ID Philippines : Commission on Elections

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Organization : Commission on Elections (
Facility : How to get Voter ID
Country : Philippines

How to get Voter ID :
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From the   Official Twitter of COMELEC Philippines:

You may call  at 525-9296 to check for your precinct number


Find Online
Comelec Precinct Finder :

Voter Care Center Hotlines :

Voter ID Card :

Only registrants whose biometrics (i.e. photograph, fingerprints and signature) have been successfully captured digitally using COMELEC’s Voter’s Registration Machine (VRM) during the filing application may be issued a voter’s ID card.

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Elections Commission Philippines Overseas Voter Registration :

The voter ID cannot be printed without the biometrics data. Doing so would defeat the purpose because there will be no way of identifying the person to whom the ID belongs without an image of a face to connect it to.


The voters identification card is being issued to the registered voter pursuant to Section 25 of Republic Act No. 8189. It shall serve as a document for his identification. In case of loss or destruction, no copy thereof may be issued except to the registered voter himself and only upon the authority of the Commission.

The Voter ID card is a valid ID that is recognized by all government offices and banks for a person’s identification purposes. It is however not a requirement for a person to vote.


What is the voter ID? :
The voter ID is a valid ID that is recognized by all government offices and banks for a person’s identification purposes and is being issued to the registered voter pursuant to Section 25 of Resolution No. 8189. It shall serve as a document for his identification

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Who are entitled to have a voter ID? :
Only registered voters whose biometrics (i.e. photograph, fingerprints and signature) have been successfully captured digitally using COMELEC’s Voter’s Registration Machine (VRM), or the old Data Capture Machine (DCM), during application may be issued a voter ID card. NO BIOMETRICS, NO ID.

Is a voter ID card a requirement for voting? :
No. A voter ID card is not a requirement for a person to vote. However, if questioned by the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) on Election Day, a voter may present his (or her) voter ID or any other valid ID.

If I apply for registration today, how soon can I get my voter ID? :
All applications filed with the Office of the Election Officer (OEO) needs to be approved by the Election Registration Board (ERB) first before these can be submitted to the main office for voter ID generation. The ERB meets only 4x every year: every 3rd Monday of January, April, July, and October. An application will be approved (or disapproved) on the next available schedule of the ERB after the date of filing.

Only after ERB approval and some clerical procedures at the OEO will the approved registration records be transmitted to the main office for voter ID processing. When the ERB registration records arrives at the main office, give us a maximum of 6 months to generate your voter ID.

Why does ID generation take so long? :
The ID generation process includes a fingerprint-matching procedure to filter out voters that have multiple records. This involves matching each new record with the existing 52 million records in the national voter database. Only after that will the generation of the ID take place. The length of the ID generation activity depends mainly on the volume of records received for processing.

I registered more than 4 years ago. Why is my ID not yet printed? :
A voter ID cannot be printed if the corresponding registration record has unreadable or poor quality of fingerprint impressions, or has dim, blurred, or improperly cropped photographs. If this is the case, the concerned voter should be notified by the local COMELEC office to appear for recapturing of biometrics data.

It is also possible that your ID may have been inadvertently lost or misplaced during the initial implementation of the Voter ID Project. If this is the case, have your Election Officer submit a request for replacement to the COMELEC main office
Where and when can I claim my voter ID?

Although printed at the main office, voter IDs can only be claimed personally from your local COMELEC Offices during regular office hours. The Election Officer (EO) shall see to it that the rightful owner claims the ID card.

How can I apply for the correction of entries in my voter ID? :
Entries in the voter ID card are from the registration record as encoded by the local COMELEC office. Should there be any need for correction of entries, notify your EO who shall give you further instructions.

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  1. I was registered during year of 2015 biometrics in COMELEC but until now year 2017, March 13th. How can I claim my ID?

  2. I have applied for ID in 2012. I really need a valid id and til now I haven’t receive my voters id yet. When am I going to have my id why is it taking too long its already 5 years. I do not receive any info if there is something wrong or what.

  3. I have been registered voter on year 2012 and until now I don’t yet have my voters id how long it takes? Its almost 5 years. Are you working on it? We Filipino people don’t deserve this kind of service.

  4. How can I claim my voter’s Id? I was registered since 2007 until now comelec in our province still not releasing it because still not available.

  5. I have a a question about my voters ID, I have been registered in comelec year 2012 at President Roxas North Cotabato. Until now I don’t have claim yet my Voters ID. How would it be if I had to, because I am now working here in Pampanga? Can I get my voters ID any of the Comelec Branches?

  6. How will I know if my voter’s ID is already available? It’s been 10 years. My husband got his ID and mine was not yet released.

  7. Its been more than 2 years but my voter id is not available. I already checked twice in comelec but not yet said. Please help me. I really need my voter id.

  8. My twin sister and me are waiting for more than 5 years. Until now I often go to the comelec office to claim my voter’s ID but nothing. Voter’s ID is so important. I just help us to check our ID.

  9. How long do I have to wait for my voter’s id. It’s been more than a year already. I tried to asked for it at the comelec branch at our municipality but they told me it is not there without even looking for it in their records. What site do I have to check for my name to know if my id has been delivered at my province?

  10. I would like to ask if my voter id is already available to claim and do you have a website where we can check the status?

  11. I’ve been registered since August 23, 2012 but until now I never received my voter’s ID. What is the problem of this agency?

  12. 2017 is approaching fast & yet my voter’s id is still not received. Application for Registration since 2010 with application no 6801300005471. Everytime when I went to our local comelec office they would just say “we need to wait”. How long do I have to wait for it? Is there any way that I could have this updated?

  13. I went to our municipality in Gen.Trias here in Cavite but they told me that my voter id was not yet released. I’ve been registered in the year 2011 and I did not get voter id yet. I really need my voters id in applying passport. Jan.25,2017 is my appointment. I am hoping for your kind and fast issuing of our voter id.

    1. I’m also having the same fate as yours. I have registered mine last 12/12/2011 and still my ID is not yet released. I hope they have a list of people or releases post to their website.

  14. How and when can I get my id? I registered bio matric last year and my husband didn’t get his id up to now. He needed it for his passport. Hope you’ll help us to get our id’s.

  15. I registered on 2009. I voted before the election where PNOY won the presidential. I went to our local comelec last month, only to find out my Voter’s ID. But still it is not available.

  16. We registered on October 2013 for the Barangay Election. Last July 2016, my cousin and me went to Quezon City hall to claim our voters ID. However upon visiting District 4’s office we are advised that our IDs were still unavailable. Its been a rude approach at first however our IDs are much important. Those inlined girls and boys who were fond of Facebook said that only the 1st quarter voters are release without exerting effort to know our names and take a minute to search it on the list. How can it be? Its been three years. How long does it take to claim our IDs? We are on various transactions which requires the Voters ID on the top list.

  17. Misplacing the ID is one of your reasons for it taking so long? Are you kidding it’s been more than 4 years and I have no idea what happened since the office doesn’t care to contact you if ever there’s a problem.

    1. I would like to know if there is a link here in this website. Where can I check if my Voter ID is already available?

  18. I already did Biometric registration since 2010. Yesterday I claimed my voter ID by Comelec officer. My ID is not yet printed by head office.
    Where can I coordinate about this matter? More than six years not printed!

  19. My voters id was lost and I filed for a replacement last may. I was hoping that I could get it after a month or two maybe. But they said I can get it after a year. Is there any way that I can get earlier since that is the only id I have because I am only a housewife.

  20. I would like to know if there is a link here in this website where I can check if my Voter ID is already available. I applied 6 years ago.

  21. I was registered in our province Aklan last 2012 and from this day my voters ID has not yet released. Is there any way you can do to rush or fast the process?
    How can I can claim my voters ID? I am here in Manila.

  22. I registered last 2015 and until now my voter ID is not yet received on our Municipality. Can I get my voters ID direct to the main Office in Intramuros?

  23. Why my voter id is not released till now? I captured last 2011. It takes so long why? I badly needed my voter id.

  24. Why it takes so long to get my voters ID? I registered in 2012. Until now I can’t get my voter. Its almost five years already.

  25. In behalf of the voters id that is not issued yet. Can we use the voter certification for identification purposes? Does they have the same uses? The voters id and the voter certification.

  26. I need my voter’s id, but until now not released. Already I registered last 2012. Why until now they don’t release it?

  27. I need my voters id, but I don’t have it yet. When will it be available? I’ve completed the biometrics needed. Since I became a voter the comelec didn’t give any id to me and I’m 58 years old now but the comelec forgot to give me my id.


  29. I need my voters id card to process my passport. How can I get my voters id? Can I request to deliver my voters id to my province? because more than 2 yrs I am still waiting my id card. I cant get my passport without my voters id because they are not accepted my other ID’s. So can I request to deliver my voter’s ID to my province?

  30. How can I change my birth date on my voter’s certification because there is a mistake in my birth date. It was registered on October 9 ,1959 but the correct date should be October 12, 1959 as shown on my NSO birth certificate. I need the correct information for my passport application.

  31. Can I get my voters ID tomorrow?
    I registered last year.
    I will go there in your main comelec in intramuros. I need my voters ID.

  32. How will I update my information? I was recently married and I changed my surname. What documents will I need to update info and where can I apply for it? Thanks.

  33. How to get my voters id? I register last 2013. Because I need voters id to complete my requirements to work abroad.

  34. There is online inquiry for how to collect our voters id in Abu Dhabi Philippines Embassy. It is very easy and helpful for us if we can check first through internet the availability of our card ( SCHEDULE ) before we proceed.

  35. How can I get my ID registered in 2014? I need to get because I cannot get a passport as he needs a comelec ID. Please help to get my ID because I need to work in other countries.

  36. When will I get my voters i.d? I changed my status last Sept 2015. I need valid id. Hope i will get my voters id soon.

  37. I already have my voter’s ID but was not able to vote last presidential elections. Is my voter ID still valid?

  38. When can I get my voters ID? I am registered since 2007 but still the comelec told me that I still have no id. Its been 9 years. I really need it.

  39. When can I get my voters id? I registered since 2012 September. I really need it to apply a bank account for our savings.

  40. I registered in 2012 with my sister and friend they already have their comelec id why mine it take so long.?

  41. When can I get my voters ID? I am registered since 2012 but still the comelec told me that I still have no id. Its been 4 years. I really need it.

  42. Lets say the voters registration already lapsed (July 30). Can I still register but not entitled to vote? I just need the voter’s ID. The barangay really need to improve their communication to the public for awareness. Ours didn’t have the energy to persuade public to register. swear.

  43. I went to the comelec office in my place where I registered to get my voters id, but the comelec officer said that I am not activated because I did not vote. I went there every election to vote but my name is not there. I had already done my biometric and everything there. What should I do to get my voters id? Do I have to register again?

    1. I registered last 2012 but still my i.d is not yet given. So I guess you need to wait for 2-3years more. Our government is really not progressing when it comes to this matter.

  44. I am a registered voter here in Riyadh Saudi Arabia since 2015.
    Where I’m going to collect my voters id?

  45. I was registered last 2013 until now my voter ID still not available. What the hell happened? I need my voters ID please! President Duterte we need your help why until now no ID released!?

  46. I was registered last 2012. I asked my voters id in the office where I registered. The staff said that the COMELEC main office did not yet delivered. At the same time, your office should verify my records if still existing.
    Hopefully, I can get my voters id.

  47. I am a registered voter but I had no voters ID yet. The local COMELEC had no record of my voters ID. What can I do? Please check to your record.

  48. Do you have any alternative site for online verification of Voter’s ID? Your site is under maintenance. I need to know asap if my ID is already printed. I need it for my transactions and for some application.

  49. I have a question. I need my voter’s id for my passport. I’m registered 4years ago in Muntilupa city.. But why till now its really hard to get my voter’s id. So how to get my voter’s id?


  51. I was not able to vote last may 11,2016 because I’ve been abroad. No biometric and ID. Is it possible now to register?

  52. Please follow up my voters id. Hope to receive this next month. I registered her in Kapatagan Lanao Del Norte.

  53. How long I should wait for my voter’s ID? Almost 12 years I am waiting. Shirley of San Pedro, Laguna.


  55. How much should I pay to get a voter’s certification because I don’t have my voter’s I.D yet? And how long will it take to get a voter’s certification?

    1. Yes, you can still claim your voters ID (when available) even you lost your stub. Just go to your local Comelec office.

  56. I started voting since 2003 until now but my question is how many years until my voters id arrived so much tiring of waiting.

  57. I just wanted to inquire about the voters I.D. I wanted to get a voters I.D. I am a registered voter here in Davao and intact I exercised my right to vote just this 2016 election. Where and when can I get a voters I.D.?

  58. How can we reconcile Section 34 of RA 8189 to that of Section 49 of COMELEC Resolution No. 9853 with respect to the last day of filing petition for inclusion of voters in the list? Would it be safe to conclude that the last day for filing petition was January 25, 2016? There are contrasting interpretations of the law that I need to be legally clarified.

  59. I am a registered voter since 2004 but until I’m still waiting for my voter’s i.d. My family already have.

  60. I am still waiting for my voters ID. I am registered since 2005. AT BRGY LUNDUBAN BUADIPOSO BUNTONG LANAO DEL SUR How long does it take?

  61. I changed my Status since 2011 and until now still waiting for my Voters ID and 16x going back to local comelec. How long I will wait?.

  62. I already get my voters id delivered by our Barangay officials. But I saw there is a mistake on the spelling of my last name,so I decided to return my id because its useless. But when I requested my voters certification,nothing wrong all details are correct. My question is, why the voters id details is not same to certification? Second,can i request another voter id with a correct details like my voters certification?

  63. How can I get my voter’s id? Its been 4 years since I register. How many times do I have to go in comelec office in our city (science city of Munoz, Nueva Ecija) to ask if my id is there already?

  64. I am a registered voter since 2009, my biometric status was active since 2010. How hassle it was going back all over again at comelec. Six years of counting waiting for my voter’s id but still it was not in our local comelec. Can you give me a time frame on how long I’ve been waiting for?


  66. After how long can I get my voters ID?
    Its almost 5years from now. Is very important to me. I cant use to get a passport because I have no Voters ID.

  67. I registered in Puerto Princesa Palawan on 2014. Can I claim my voter’s ID here in Manila in case that it is not yet delivered in Puerto Princesa as of now?

  68. I went to the comelec office south district in Cebu city to change my address from 222-b sepulveda street, zapatera precinct no. 1128A to 6th street buena hills Barangay Guadalupe last 2008 and had my bio metrics taken together with my family. Now the question is am I and my family members going to receive a new voters id?

  69. I have given them the duly stamped birth certificate from our municipal registrar to affirm the correctness of the name. I am using while voting. I have voted again using the correct name and my vote was already counted. However I think its been 6 years since I applied for voter’s ID. Is there an online verification if our voter’s ID have already been printed and sent to our respective municipalities since Comelec local office doesn’t know also when the ID will arrive? I don’t want to receive the same complaint of Comelec that my name is misspelled, and will have to give another duly stamped registrar’s copy of my birth certificate. I know you are busy today, but the letter you’ve sent me as a voter had my name correctly, and always remind me that if you have my name in correct form, and you have my duly stamped registrar’s copy of my birth certificate, and you counted my vote without question, what took it so long for a simple ID print. I will gladly pay for an LBC service, if it will ensure and speed up the delivery of the ID, since we can do it for a passport that only lasts for 6 years compared to a voter’s ID that has no expiration.

  70. How can I get a voter id card? Its been so long. I am a active voter and yet I don’t have that voter id.

  71. Its been more than 1 yr since I’ve registered in our Local Comelec office but my Voters ID its not yet issued. May I ask what are the causes and why my voters ID is not yet released?

  72. I applied for a new id voter’s because my old id voter’s was lost. I applied it last year 2013. When will I get it?

  73. I checked my name on precinct finder. I found mine, but how can it be that on the master lists of precincts where in I shall cast my vote my name was not there & even in other precincts? How can I vote now?

  74. My name does not appear in the registered voter’s list. I had my biometrics last year in SM MANILA.
    Please help so I can exercise my right to vote.

  75. I was registered in 2004 but I don’t have voters I’d yet am I allowed to vote this coming election?

  76. I registered last 2006 but since then I haven’t received my voters id up to the present nor the local comelec office hasn’t informed me. I followed it up late last year but still nothing happened. I registered at Bulacan, Bulacan

  77. Can my surname in the voters ID can be corrected? If yes, how long it will take to get it done? Where will I go if it will be done?

  78. I vote already here in Riyadh Embassy 2 weeks ago, and on that time I asked about my voters ID if I can get it but they said after 1 week they going to call me but up to now nobody called. I just want to know when can I get my voters ID?

  79. How can I get my voters id? It took so long. I register last 2011 at brgy.809 zone 88 main st. Paco mla.
    I need my voter’s id as soon as possible.

  80. Can I vote even I was not able to have biometrics,but I have my previous voters ID.
    I’m out of the country that’s why I haven’t file new biometrics.

  81. I don’t belong to the list of voters in this coming election., but why this happened since I undergo biometrics?

  82. I have been registered last 2012 but I did not vote the 2013 election. Am I still at the comelec registration least? Can I vote this 2016 election? thanks

    1. Go to comelec find precinct and fill in with your information. Then if it says that you’re still active, then you are eligible to vote.

  83. I was registered in Singapore for many years but until now I cant have my comelec ID so how can I have it? Every time when I ask to the embassy they answer complain to the comelec. Now election come again keep remind me to follow up my ID. CAN YOU HELP ME?

  84. When will I have my voters id? Ii registered last may 2015. I would like to ask when I can get my voters id or if not when they can release id’s for last years registered voters?

    1. On Oct 2012 I applied at comelec of Tuao west Cagayan Valley as transferred voter’s but until now I did not received my voter ID. When will I receive my voter ID?

  85. I know if I can get my voter’s id before the elections? I register October last year their is possible I can get I really my voters id for my passport this coming month may 11, and I want to know also how to know if my id is ready for release?

    1. Me too I registered March 2015 and still they say my Voter’s I.D. is not for claim. I need it next Month for my passport renewal.

    2. I registered on last august 2009 and guess what? I just claimed it last 2014. 5 years in the making so it’s so impossible for you to get it by May 11.


  87. Lorena B. Perlado

    I am worried because I was not able to register on biometrics. I dont need to go to the precinct where I voted the previous elections?

  88. I am a registered voter in the philippines but now i am working here in singapore, even i am not a registered voter here?

    1. From the Website :

      The Precinct Finder is currently undergoing database update. For voter record verifications and other voter record-related inquiries, you may call ITD Helpdesk hotlines at (02) 527-9365 and (02) 526-7769, or send an e-mail with your registration details (full name and birthdate) to

  89. I was registered as voter way back in 2010 in Bulacan and was issued with the voters id there but I have lost my voters id since then. Can I request for it now here in Makati?

  90. I registered to Commelec last 2012, and unfortunately, I lost the stub that they gave me and kind of forgot. When should I be back and get it? How will I be able to get my card? Please tell me the possibilities.

  91. Before I left Philippines I registered in DFA so I can vote here in Netherlands embassy and they told me that they will send my voters ID in my home address in phils. But until now I don’t receive any and my name was not included to the voters list. What happened?

  92. I’m registered in SEOUL PHIL EMBASSY South Korea SINCE 2010-2016 ACTIVE, but until now I don’t receive yet my Voter’s ID. I need that badly for some purposes. The Phil Embassy Seoul South Korea always told/advice me to wait. I’ve been waiting for ages.

  93. I am yet to receive my voter’s ID. Where can I get it. My name is not included in the list posted in Philippine Embassy in Riyadh. Please advise.
    Ordinario, Jerry Natura

  94. I have been there yesterday to ask my voters ID but they says(not yet). I mean I want to know when can I get my ID because me and my husband same year and same date we registered. My husband got his ID already but mine why not yet till now? He got last year 2015

  95. I registered since 2009 in Zamboanga city. Is it possible for me to request/claim my voters id, since I am here in Manila? I really need it because it is one of my passport requirements. How long will it take?

  96. I registered last year. Is it possible for me to claim/ request for voter”s id this year? If so, when will it be available? (How long will it take)

  97. I just want to know if you still accept registrations even though the 2016 Elections is fast approaching?
    Also, one question- why do you only accept and conduct registrations only when elections are upcoming and that you don’t entertain any registrations after that?

  98. We registered at Riyadh Philippine Embassy(2009)when I check the Ph Embassy Riyadh website list of ID voters our names are not included. But 5 years ago we are able to vote. If possible please send our voters ID here in Philippine Embassy Riyadh.
    ENCARNACION GO BANCOLO – FORM ID NO.6825911900001896
    ROGELIO ULGASAN BANCOLO – FORM ID NO 6825911900001895 -PHIL Embassy Riyadh

  99. During my registration way back 2012, I correctly filled up the form and received a piece of paper with my name confirming that my registration is complete. When I voted, I noticed that my name was misspelled. I went to comelec to confront one of the staffs there and showed the paper during my application as proof that the information I provided was clear and all correct. They told me to apply for correction. Do I really need to do this though it wasn’t my fault?

    Another thing, I am currently staying in the UK and wish to vote this coming election. Am I entitled? Do I need to register again? Where should I get my ballot?

  100. I lost my Voter’s I.D. How can I get a new one? What are the requirements? How long will it be available and how much?

  101. I registered 6 years ago and the last time I was able to vote was last 2013. I did not received my voters ID and now I am married. How cam I change my last name? and should I be able to get my voters ID now?

  102. Whenever there is an election here in the Philippines, me and my mom had always voted. How come when I checked her details, her name is not included in the registered voters. What does it mean? She can’t vote this coming May?

    1. From the Website :

      You may call our Help Desk for technical concerns at telephone numbers (02) 559-9725 and (02) 567-4431. For procedural concerns, please call (02) 525-9298. You may also send us an e-mail at

  103. I registered 2013 and then I decided to work abroad until I came back here in the Philippines and now I needed again the certificate from comelec or the voters id for me to work again abroad. The problem is I have been deactivated in my registration because of not complying to vote for 3 yrs. What should I do? I need the certificate or voters id?

  104. I registered last year here in Quezon City and I’m going back abroad. Do I need to get or do something so that I can vote abroad in this May election?

    1. From the Website :

      Every qualified citizen of the Philippines abroad whose application for registration has been approved, including those previously registered under Republic Act No. 8189, shall, in every national election, file with the officer of the embassy, consulate or other foreign service establishment authorized by the Commission, a sworn written application to vote in a form prescribed by the Commission.

  105. My biometric application was done last 2013. I voted during 2013 election. I wonder why, until now my Voters’ I.D. did not yet arrived in the COMELEC office in our Municipality. To tell you frankly, I need much my I.D. for some transaction. I need your advise on what I am going to do. Please help me.

  106. How can I get my id voters finished my Biometrics 2003. Still not come my id. I need my passport as soon as possible.

  107. How do I check the availability of my voter’s ID aside from going to the actual COMELEC office? I had my biometrics taken back in July 2014. Please help. Thank you!

  108. How can I get my voters id? I finish biometric on last 2015. Please help as how to gte my voters id because I need in my passports.

  109. How can I get my voters id? It took so long. I register last 2012 at Liliw Laguna. I need my voter’s id as soon as possible.

  110. Can I still get my voters id even if I loss my stub? What can I bring to prove that I am the rightful owner of the voter id.

  111. I’ve checked the status of my voter id online and it says that my id is ready.
    But when I came to get it the officer told me that my id is not yet in their office.
    Why is it taking too long to get the id?

  112. When I searched my name up, it says that my id is AVAILABLE FOR CLAIMING. But earlier today, I went to my local comelec office and was informed that my id was not available. This is a real hassle, because I had to take a leave leave off from work in order to claim my id, and then I was not able to.

    I asked them how it could be, because I had also called the comelec hotline, and had been informed the same. That my id was indeed already available for claiming.

    Here is what our local comelec office explained to me:

    The main comelec office sends them a list of the available ids, and then they forward this list to the barangays. My name still has not been included yet, according to them. I was told that I’ll just have to check with my Barangay.

    I asked if there is a schedule for the list, like if it was released annually or quarterly for example, just so I would know how often to check with my Barangay. They answered that there is no regular schedule, that the main comelec office just sends the batches whenever.

    My registration date is March 20, 2009. This is almost 7 years ago.

    Because both the comelec website and hotline misinformed me on the availability of my voter’s id. Are there other sources I can check with other than having to check with my Barangay ‘whenever’, one that will not mislead me? The local comelec office wont give their number and insisted that the only way is to check with my Barangay.

    1. I also had the same experience, I registered last 2010 but still no I.D. The issue is getting on my nerves a lot lately because when involving money transactions they will need government I.D’s but it should be digitized. Most of my friends who voted later than me already got their I.D’s.

  113. I just registered last year biometrics in COMELEC last year and it is my first time to vote. Can I get an ID before the election or I have to vote first before I can get an ID?

    1. Where and when can I claim my voter ID?
      Although printed at the main office, voter IDs can only be claimed personally from your local COMELEC Offices during regular office hours. The Election Officer (EO) shall see to it that the rightful owner claims the ID card.

    1. Yes, you can get the voters certification anytime you want! Just go in the comelec office in your place.

  114. I have been done my biometric last 2013 and also I saw in comelec website on predict finder said that was already printed but when claim in comelec office in my place zamboanga city they said still not yet come. When will I get voter id? Since 2003 I had been registered.

    1. Qualifications to register :
      ** A Filipino citizen, who is not yet a registered voter;
      ** At least eighteen (18) years of age;
      ** A resident of the Philippines for at least one (1) year;
      ** A resident in the place wherein he (or she) proposes to vote for at least six (6) months immediately preceding the May 9, 2016 Synchronized National, Local and ARMM Regional Elections; and
      ** Not otherwise disqualified by law.

      Those who will be turning 18 on or before 09 May 2016, or whose required period of residence will be satisfied on or before said election date, may already file their applicants for registration.

  115. Hi,

    I registered in 2003 together with my high school friends but all of them received their voter’s ID via mail but I didn’t. My mother went to the local office earlier last month and was told that it would just be sent to us. They couldn’t provide us the date though. Are you able to give us a time frame as I kind of need it to apply for a passport.

    You help will be much appreciated.


  116. I registered at ph embassy Singapore last 08 July 2015 but my voters id have not been sent to my home address in Philippines. Its been 4 months already.

  117. I have a question about my voter’s I.D.
    I already get my voter ID at comelec office last month ago. I saw there is a mistake in my B-date. My question is,How to change my B-date?
    Do you think it will take long time to process again?

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